Friday, June 17, 2011

Things to Consider

As I ready for this journey I have looked at a lot of places for help. I looked at the popular Weight Watchers (have been on that before) and found out that it is just to expensive for my husband and I to do. The same can be said for the popular programs like Jenny Craig and NutriSystem the are all good programs just not for someone on a limited budget. That is when I found This group of ladies approaches weight loss like it should be, it is not just about loosing weight but about changing your life. I really wanted to apply to be a Mamavation Mom but after seeing the exercise regiment I think it is a lost cause. Although, even if your not chosen as a MM you are still supported and helped through your journey to a healthy you.

I have had 3 Cesarean sections and an abdominal hysterectomy that has left me with an abdominal hernia and with no insurance no way to get it fixed. The limits of this type of hernia are that I am not supposed to lift or do anything that puts to much strain on my abdomen. SO that leaves me with few exercises I can safety do. We are working on getting a recumbent bike since those do not hurt my back and don't put a strain on my abdomen. I am looking for exercises that I can do so any ideas would be great!

I plan on posting a picture of myself in all my glory and when I get a new scale the obligatory scale picture (need a pedi for that one). I also plan on keeping everyone up on John's quest and how his weight loss is affecting his insulin use. I will make him do pictures and scales to. I hope to have sections added to the book, food, and product review sections so that you can add your reviews, recipes, tips and tricks as soon as my blog designer (daughters boyfriend) figures them out for me or I do.

See you on the road....

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