Sunday, June 26, 2011

Step up and offer support! Mamavation Monday Week 13

Since I got out of school it has been going wide open. I stayed with my aunt who had gastric bypass surgery then we went to her son's wedding in Florida and helped with the kids. After a week in Florida we took the kids back to his house in New Orleans and kept them for a week while they went on their honeymoon. The week we came back my daughter had to have her gall bladder taken out and a week and a half later the same aunt had hers out. On top of all that I have been babysitting for my daughter from 4:30am till around 5:00pm. This poor old lady has about physically supported out for a while. My summer is flying by and school stats back in August and that seems like it is around the corner. I try to give my support online as well and thing that even the smallest steps deserve a nod and smile. Support can be as simple as a smile or a nod or as complicated as keeping someones power turned on when they are having a hard time. So share the small things especially if someone you know is trying to get fit and or loose weight. Don't laugh or shrun their determination off even if you don't support or believe them smile and nod. That is what is so great about the Sistahood and If you need a hand up someone is always there to give it, or if you need a gentle slap on the hand or a kick in the butt someone is there to share the love. is full of products that help support a healthy and fit lifestyle so check them out they even have ways to help you not only eat smarter but travel smarter. 

This post is sponsored by EatSmart Products and I’m writing this to be entered into a EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale giveaway hosted by Mamavation


Lena said...

We are here to support each other and I am happy you are here. Enjoy another week of summer

Shelley said...

Sounds like it's time for YOU to get some support so you can recharge! What a blessing to be able to support all of those around you, but don't lose yourself in the meantime :)

I'm here if you need anything :)

Grace Matthews said...

Glad you are here with us...we are all here for you as well. Make sure you reach out when you need it.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your weightloss journey hugs


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