Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mamavation Monday #12 What accomplishment have you done recently that brings a smile to your face?

I got my desk cleared off this week and that was  a major miracle. I have been gone a lot since my school semester ended and and just now getting into the summer organizational groove. We also had a huge storm here on Thursday and today we moved limbs into a huge pile. The most smile worthy thing I have gotten done this week though is picking some squash from my little garden and a couple of radishes. I love to grill fresh vegetables in the summer and even more if they come from my own garden. We are still eating better and I am going to find exercises that are appropriate for someone with an abdominal hernia. I guess if I can even loose that first few pounds I will know it is possible and take heart. I can't wait to meet and listen to Miss Lori from Check out her site and don't forget to visit and to learn all about Mamavation Moms!


Amanda said...

Organization is a tough one for me. I start out real nice and neat, and then, suddenly, life gets in the way and everything turns into messy piles.
:) Have an amazing week!

MMM said...

I agree with Amanda. Life seemed to be a lot more organized before kids. LOL! Nice job on the organization!

Megan said...

I wish I was at a place to be more organized myself. Glad you weathered the storm :)
I also have a abdominal hernia (just to top off my fun) good luck finding a workout that doesn't cause more issues for you. I have a chiropractor/alternative med doc that has done wonders for mine and helps with workouts, we call him the magic doc. Hopefully you can find someone that can manage your care. Good Luck!

Lena said...

I so need to organize. And I can never get it done. WTG on getting something done. HAve a great week

BelgiumPrincess said...

I just organized myself this wasn't much just my scrapbook room but heck that needed a make-over.
I am sorry to hear about the work-out troubles...I am too limited because of an injury but I find it that if you are honest with a trainer and they do their proper research they may be able to find something you can do :-) Good Luck!


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