Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nicole's Hospital Stay

My daughter has been in the hospital since Friday, she had her gallbladder out yesterday and will go home tomorrow morning. I am unpopular here since I ask questions and want to know why they change things why they give different medicines, etc. Take control of your health and that of your loved one don't just take someones word for something just because they have a nametag. Doctors and nurses are not all knowing and sometimes mistakes are made. I have the utmost respect for health care workers being one myself in a former life but I am still going to ask why and YES infections are spread in the hospital a lot. Ask questions remember you are the boss and you are paying the bills so take charge and even if you happen to tick someone off know your rights and responsibilities and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. SO don't worry if you are not the most popular mom, spouse, sister, brother, dad, or daughter at the hospital or doctors office, ask.

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