Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blood test and Twitter Chats my week so far

Went to the NP Tuesday morning to get the results of our bloodwork, after a few weeks of worry about John's we got some good news his A1C is down a little, some of the liver numbers are holding steady and while 1 went up the other went down. She said that it looked better than last time and even the ones going up are doing it very slowly. We will have a week vacation next week so we will do some work for my aunt and have a cookout on the 4th at her house I have been tweeting and facebooking hard this week I am set on winning a vacation for John as a surprise. If you get a chance you need to check out the travel chat #expchat sponsored by Expedia they give away a $500 gift voucher every week. I also have learned some great stuff on the #winchat sponsored by Microsoft and featuring all kinds of different sponsors who give away all kinds of cool technology.

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